5 Of The Best News Stories From This Week

5 Of The Best News Stories From This Week

During this time of uncertainty and worry, we’ve compiled a bit of good news, positive outlook, and action steps we can take to better our lives.

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7-Year-Old Boy Reads to Kids Who Miss Story Time at School

A 7-year-old boy in New York who loves to read has launched a Facebook group to read to other kids who are missing story time at school. Read More

Credit: Sunny Skyz

Bryan's Book Corner screenshot


Billy Flanagan on a bike talking safely to a neighbor

Billy Flanigan Has Pedaled 3,000 Miles, Delivering One Smile at a Time

Here’s how friend Becky Roper describes Billy Flanigan: “He’s just the perfect example of how a little act of kindness can go a long way.” Read More

Credit: Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel  | MSN

School’s Food Drive to Help Those Affected By Looting in Minneapolis Turns Into Tsunami of Grocery Bag Deliveries

In an effort to help out a looted community, a Minneapolis middle school decided to hold a food drive.
 Read More

Credit: Michael Goonan | Good News Network


79-Year-Old Grandpa Becomes YouTube Cooking Star After Losing His Job

After losing his job due to coronavirus, “Tito Charly” decided to start his own cooking show. Watch Video Here

Credit: Julie Scagell | ScaryMommy

WestJet Flight Attendant Gives Hilarious Safety Demonstration

A WestJet flight attendant named Michael gives a humorous rendition of passenger safety instructions. Watch Video Here

Credit: Sunny Skyz

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We wish you the best in health, wellness, and prosperity!

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“Don’t let what you can’t do keep you from what you can do.” – Napoleon Hill

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