Hey there, we’re the Wimberlys.

If you’re anything like my wife and me, you want to cherish every moment with your kids and be a great parent. The memories we make with family are often the #1 thing that makes us the most happy and fulfilled in our day-to-day lives.

So, why is it so easy to let life get in the way?

Keeping track of homework and dance shoes takes plenty of attention… not to mention
tracking down
photos and making the baby books we meant to make.


At first, I thought it was “normal” to forget those things… then, when I was 30 years old, my step mom gave me 30 years of memories we had together, with notes of encouragement and wisdom and memories.

She passed away shortly after… and then I realized that documenting family moments is not a nice
hobby. It’s the #1 way to build a habit of prioritizing family first and savoring every moment.


That’s why we developed the Legacy of Love app. You can document family memories right in the app
with photos, journal entries, voice memos and videos. You can address each entry to your kids,
spouse, or extended family and compile decades of love just for them. And my personal favorite
part is that you can see your kids growing up by the chronological milestones in their life. The
app organizes everything for you and stores it safely.

When my children graduate, they will receive the gift of 18 years of memories, notes, and wisdom
from me, starting with the day each of them were born. I want to share that kind of gift with
you, too.

What would you do to leave your legacy with your kids? Or, to make sure they know you love them,
even if they don’t understand your choices sometimes?


It’s simple. Just download the FREE version of the app and start your first journal entry. You
can add your family members’ important dates and birthdays, and never forget a special occasion.
When the app becomes a tool to build connection and leave your legacy, you can use the premium
or the family plan for more memory-making features. And if you ever need to cancel your account,
you won’t lose your data or your memories.

We wish you the most of every moment with your family, and we look forward to sharing the magic of
Legacy of Love with you.


Ken Wimberly + family

Ken, Amber, Grace, Knox, and Kai Wimberly