Celebrate National Superhero Day with Us!

Celebrate National Superhero Day with Us!

Today is National Superhero Day!


When you hear that term (Superhero), what comes to mind? Do you think of these guys?


They definitely strike one as the “Superhero“-archetype.


Perhaps you think of these little ones, trying with all their might to become Superheroes?



Yes, I believe we may be getting closer now.


It seems that our perceptions of what a SUPERHERO truly is has changed during the recent pandemic, and we see them all around us now.

Heroes do not need to have super powers to save the day. They don’t need to wear capes or stop bullets with their chests, either.


The Superheroes We Honor


Today, we want to honor those of our neighbors, community, friends, and world who have stepped up when they were needed the most. We want to THANK YOU for all you have done for the world. For us.


To the First Responders: 


To the Health Care Industry/Workers/Pharmacists, and so many more:


To the Delivery Drivers, Groceries, Mail Carriers:



To the Factory Workers, Public Transport Officials, News Stations:


To EVERYONE who has stayed home and helped contain the spread:


To the Parents, and their Children, AND their teachers, whose lives have been completely turned upside-down:


Superheros come in all shapes, sizes, occupations; with or without capes. Take a moment and let a Superhero know how much they mean to you. You just might make their day a little brighter. Spread hope, my friends.



Find out more information on how to give and receive help.



This post has been brought to you by Jessica Cleveland – mother, writer, creative producer at Under the Tower Productions, and team member here at Legacy of Love.

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