Everything You Need To Know To Have A Fantastic 4th of July

Everything You Need To Know To Have A Fantastic 4th of July

The coronavirus pandemic has changed society for the time being which means that this 4th of July weekend will be like no other we’ve had in recent years. Most fireworks festivals have been cancelled or postponed, while others have gone virtual.


We want to help you and your family have a safe and happy weekend. To achieve this, we have compiled family fun ideas, tips for a safe gathering, and a list of virtual fireworks shows and events. Let’s make good memories together, while we’re apart, this Independence Day!


Red, White, and Blue fireworks

Virtual Fireworks Displays


This year, many cities across the country are moving their fireworks shows to the digital world. For more localized display information, check your city’s social media and website.


Crowd watching fireworks

Macy’s Fireworks Show – New York


The Macy’s fireworks show is usually a spectacle to which the masses flock. To prevent the public from gathering, this year the fireworks will be set off from unannounced locations across the five burroughs of New York. A special presentation featuring a recap of the fireworks will be televised nationally on July 4 at 8:00pm Eastern on NBC.


How to Watch: NBC | July 4 at 8:00pm Eastern

Social Media: Use #MacysFireworks on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share your excitement!


Fireworks over beach


“A Capital Fourth” – Washington, DC


The annual “A Capital Fourth” event in Washington will be broadcast as normal, but in-person viewing of the fireworks is being discouraged. Traditionally taking place on the West Lawn of the Capitol, this year will be the concert’s 40th anniversary! Hosted by John Stamos and Vanessa Williams, the presentation will feature performances by Patti LaBelle and Renee Fleming.


How to Watch: PBS.org | Facebook | YouTube – July 4 at 8:00pm Eastern


Block Party – LA


The 8th annual block party is going virtual this year. Hosted by Grand Park and the Music Center (a performing arts venue), the show will be filled with musical performances, comedy sketches, poetry readings, and more.


How to Watch: ABC7 – July 4 from 10-11pm Eastern | Grand Park – July 4 at 11:00pm Eastern

Social Media: Also available for viewing at: Grand Park’s YouTubeFacebook | Music Center’s YouTubeFacebook


“Shell Freedom over Texas” – Houston


Typically held on the Buffalo Bayou, Houston’s annual festival is also going virtual this year. Fireworks and musical acts, such as the Houston Symphony and Pat Green, will be featured.


How to Watch: ABC13 – July 4 at 8:00pm Eastern

Bright fireworks

Let Freedom Sing! – Nashville


Taking a unique and welcome viewpoint, the Nashville “Let Freedom Sing!” event will honor the front-line workers of the coronavirus crisis. The show is closed to the public, with Riverfront Park in Nashville being closed as a precaution.


How to Watch: News Channel 5 – July 4 at 10:00pm Eastern

Social Media: Music City’s Facebook | Instagram |  Twitter | YouTube


Welcome America – Philadelphia


This weeklong virtual “Welcome America” festival is saluting the country in a fantastic way. Cultural programs, fun lessons for the kids, and family-friendly workout sessions are featured. A concert by Jason Derulo and Cynthia Erivo tops off the fun!


How to Watch: Virtual Events here and here | NBC 10 broadcast/stream | Telemundo stream – July 4 at 8:00pm Eastern

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



A Boston Pops Salute to Our Heroes – Boston


Also paying tribute to front-line workers is the Boston Pops Orchestra. Saluting the everyday heroes among us, the show will feature music, shout outs, and a pre-recorded fireworks display. 


How to Watch: Bloomberg TV stream | Bloomberg radio | WDHD-TV Boston broadcast – July 4 at 8:00pm Eastern


Virtual AmericaFest – Pasadena


The 94th annual Rose Bowl AmericaFest will be held live online! Though fireworks are cancelled for this year’s festival, plenty of fun will still be had. Celebrating the US Veterans and military personnel, as well as first responders and frontline workers, the event will focus on legacy and community. Andy Grammar is set to perform. 


How to Watch: Facebook | YouTube – July 4 at 2:00pm Pacific [don’t worry: tickets are free!]

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube 

Check local listings and city websites to see which events near you have gone virtual. And remember: In many municipalities, if you need to report illegal fireworks use, call the police’s non-emergency number. Check your local laws for more information.


Patriotic fireworks

Fun For the Whole Family


Last week, we posted a round-up of fun (and safe!) activities for the entire family. A more holiday-focused guide seems appropriate for the occasion!


Excited child with 4th of July glasses on

Take a Virtual Tour of Landmarks


You can take time to educate your children about American history by visiting the Virtual Capitol, an immersive look at federal government. Other great tours to check out include: the National Park Service‘s look at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park; the Statue of Liberty tour; or tour St. John’s Church to learn about the Second Virginia Convention. Bonus: The Declaration of Independence will be read on the website and Facebook page at 4:00pm Eastern. 

Barn w/American flag on it in the middle of a field
*This is not a historic landmark, but looks like fun!


Watch a Movie as a Family


Whether you want to watch a movie about the founding of our nation or something a little more light-hearted, viewing as a family can be educational and fun. “Hamilton”, the Broadway musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton, is now available to stream on Disney+. Other options include the 1972 film “1776” and the 1939 adventure “Drums Along the Mohawk”

Sparkler burning to celebrate Independence Day


Have a Picnic or BBQ


You can test out your grilling skills, or invite the children to the kitchen, to prepare your patriotic snacks. Get a large blanket and set up in the backyard. Create a playlist of your favorite summer jams and have a family party. Make sure you follow the safety precautions listed below if you invite non-household members to your BBQ. 

Patriotic cake
Don’t try this at home! 🙂


Have Fun in the Backyard 


Do you remember playing with sparklers as a kid? It was a blast, and still is! Get some sparklers for the entire family and light them as the sun sets. Draw your names or make random patterns in the air with the light. 


While team sports are not recommended, but playing tag football or baseball with your family is much safer. If you are playing with strangers or non-household members, wear a mask and gloves, and stay six feet apart. Be sure to wash your hands and equipment afterward. 

Sparklers up close at night


The Water is Terrific!


A water balloon fight sounds like so much fun right now! Fill buckets with water balloons and get the entire family to play. Aim for below the neck only to avoid accidental injuries and prevent the spread of germs to faces.


Do you have a pool or sprinklers? Put them to use! Take a swim while you cook out and play some water games. Get the sprinklers going when you need a break and let the kids run wild!

Child laughing while playing in water


Tips on Staying Safe


The rising coronavirus case count in the US presents an opportunity to practice responsible social distancing and a host of other important safety precautions.


Mother and son wearing 4th of July glasses at parade


Pay Attention to the Recommended Guidelines


While maintaining a social distance can be troublesome, it is highly recommended in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus. In addition, wearing gloves and a face mask reduce your risk tremendously. If you have company at your home, outdoors is better than in, and make sure they also understand the importance of wearing a mask/gloves.

American flag face mask


What About Visitors?


If you decide to have a small gathering, have it in your backyard. Space the chairs at least six feet apart. As mentioned above, make sure everyone wears a mask and gloves. A buffet is not recommended, but grilling or having a potluck-type meal is encouraged. You can adopt a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) theme. Guests can bring their own disposable plates, silverware, and cups for easy cleanup and to remain safe. 


Wherever the people are congregated, keep hand sanitizing stations evenly spaced.

Red, white, and blue popsicle


What About Washing Hands and Using the Restroom? Disposable paper towels at hand-washing stations


Don’t stress about the bathroom! Remove all cloth towels and rags from the restroom guests will be using and replace them with disposable paper towels. Try to stay away from bar soap. After a guest is finished, do a quick wipe-down with disinfectant then wash your hands.


All guests and family members should also be washing their hands frequently. 

Wash your hands often


Limit the Gathering


For extra safety, limit the amount of people invited to under 10. The less people interacting, the better. Also, instead of shaking hands or hugging, try out the elbow bump or foot shake. The elbow bump is exactly how it sounds: you and your friend touch elbows in greeting. The foot shake employs the same concept: tap your foot to your friend’s to say hello.

Foot shake during coronavirus pandemic


Let’s Celebrate!

Do you know a fantastic fireworks display that’s going virtual this year? Do you have additional advice for family fun or safety? Let us know in the comments!


Dog in 4th of July swag in decorated room


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Planes with blue, white, and red vapor trails
Happy Independence Day!
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