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Weekly, to battle the uncertainty of life, we compile a bit of good news and positive outlook with the goal of improving our lives and increasing happiness. Sounds fun, right?

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This Blind Mom Got To ‘See’ Her Adorable Unborn Baby Thanks to a 3D-Printed Ultrasound

Taylor Ellis was born with glaucoma and has very little vision. When she went in for her 20-week scan and was unable to see her baby, she was left in tears… Read More

Credit: Good News Network

blind mother saw her baby's sonogram with a 3D print


8-y-o J.T. Head with his father, discussing his solo hot air balloon flight

8-Year-Old Boy Becomes Youngest Person to Pilot Hot-Air Balloon Solo

One fearless fourth grader from Georgia has just broken a world record in a hot-air balloon. This 8-year-old piloted the balloon… Read More

Credit: MSN News

Local Professor Who Received Heart Transplant Cared for by Nurses She Once Taught

In Cleveland, a nursing professor received a heart transplant; her nurses – former students…
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Credit: Matt Wright | Fox 8

professor received heart transplant and was cared for by her former students


taco bell workers credited with saving a man's life by performing CPR until help arrived

Taco Bell Employee Saves Man’s Life In Drive-Thru

A Taco Bell employee in Clarksville, TN, is being hailed a hero for saving a customer’s life after he passed out in the drive-thru…  Read More

Credit: Sunny Skyz

Kid’s Book About the World’s Oldest Marathon Runner Is the First by a Major Publisher To Center on a Sikh Character

“Fauja Singh Keeps Going” tells the story of Sikh centenarian Fauja Singh, who in 2011 became the oldest person believed to have run a marathon… Read More

Credit: Harmeet Kaur | CNN

"Fauja Singh Keeps Going" Storybook Cover

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“Don’t let what you can’t do keep you from what you can do.” – Napoleon Hill

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